Story of Menuka Khadka

My name is Menuka Khadka. I am 35 years old. There are seven members in my family including my three children. We belong to low-income family.

It was so difficult to survive in our village due to a lack of drinking water. The source of water was so far, and I should go alone because my husband is disabled and my mother in-law on her old age. Therefore anyhow I should go for collecting water. It took me more than 40 minutes to get a jar of water each time. I had to go at least 4/5 times a day. Because of the time consumption sometimes I used to carry 2 jars of water on the same trip. After collecting water I felt so fatigue but I did not have any choices because I should complete my other duties such as feeding cattle, washing clothes, and working in the field, and fulfill family needs. It was so challenging for me to survive. Therefore, sometimes I used to draw stream water which was full of contamination.

We now have sufficient water for my family. I do not need to walk far to fetch the water. We are getting water at my door step because of this water project. Now I have plenty of time to go anywhere for work because my mother in-law and children can collect water and prepare food for the family themselves. Now life became more easier and full of joy than before. I think my 60% time is saved and 80 % tension of life is over. Therefore I would like to give a lot of thanks to Living Water Nepal who brought happiness to my life and family. I also like to thank Neverthirst and  each and every donors  for playing a key role to bring this project to our village. Thank you all.