Story of Rita Achhami

Namaste! My name is Rita Achhami . I am 32 years old. I live with my husband. There are 3 members in our family. It’s my privilege to share my story regarding this clean drinking water project. There were so many challenges I had to face to manage drinking water. My husband is a Nepal Government Army. He rarely comes in home. Therefore, I need to do all things such as cooking, washing, farming, feeding cattle, caring children and keeping house neat & clean myself. It was very difficult to collect water due to long distance of source. It takes 30-40 minutes to collect 20 liters jar of water. But it was not sufficient to fulfill our needs. Therefore, I used to go 3-4 times a day to collect water from source. At the end of the day, usually I feel tired due to ups and down trail. Sometimes, I had to wait for long time due to long queue for collecting water because other villagers also used to come at the same source. Mentally, I used to feel always in rush. Then I used to cook food for children so that they reach school punctually. After finishing these responsibilities, I used to start other works. Now, I am getting clean drinking water sufficiently through this water project. I collect water within 15 minutes. There is no more mental pressure for water. Our time is saved and we can utilize that time to do other works freely and finish all responsibilities sooner than before. We can collect water anytime without any problem. Therefore we are very happy. I would like to thank Living Water Nepal for your great support and generosity.