Water Supply


Spring Water Project:

Spring Water Project function with gravity flow water supply system and water is piped directly to every household. The components of spring project consist of Intake, Collection Chamber, Reservoir Tank, Transmission and Distribution pipelines and Household Tapstand.

Ring Wells and Hand Pumps:

Project Consists of drilling deep wells and installing locally available hand pumps. The local people is responsible for the maintenance of the hand pumps.


Ceramic Candle Filter:

Providing Ceramic Candle Filter after the completion of the Spring Water Project guarantees the safe drinking water to every household.


Hygiene Education:

The studies have shown that together – water, sanitation and hygiene – stop the spread of disease and save lives. Teaching local people about the importance of personal hygiene, safe storage of water, hand washing station and toilet cleanliness.


Child Scholarship Programme:

The provision of scholarship opens the doors of education to children who are striving through poverty, gender discrimination, caste discrimination and ethnic discrimination. The student receives money to buy educational materials such as school uniforms, school bag, copy, pen and books etc.